iPhone Apps for WoW Players

iphoneIf you are an iPhone user or an iTouch user you probably love your device as much as I do.  There are even more reasons to love it if you are a WoW player.  I’ve been using several iPhone apps for WoW and I’ll give you an out line of them here. Maybe they would be usefull you all as well.


Gives you 10 character slots to track your own or other peoples toons that are level 10 and over. Good for when you are matching paces with a fellow guild member or friend.  This app shows talent point designation, profession levels, PVP Honorable kills, Realm and Battlegroup all on the Basics tab.

The Stats tab will give you just that the stats for your toon by way of Strength, Agility, Stamina (includes pet), Intellect, Spirit, Armor (includes pet)

The Combat tab shows rating for:

 Melee includes main hand damage, DPS and speed, Power, Hit Rating, Crit chance  and Expertise (dodge/parry)

Ranged includes Ranged damage, DPS and speed, Power, Crit rating, Crit chance

Spell includes hit rating, mana regen casing and not casting, healing, arcane, fire, frost, holy, shadow, and penetration

Defense includes defense rating, armor, dodge and rsilience.

The Items tab shows all your gear and the stats for each item.

The Reputation tab shows reputation stats for Horde/Alliance factions Classic, Steamwheedle Cartel, Horde Expedition, The Burning Crusade, Shattrath City, etc…

WoWTalent 3.1.0 ready

 Lets you view/store talent points for your toons and pets.

Talent Tree Navigation:  Scroll up or down to move within the current tree and Swipe left or right to move to adjacent trees.

Talent Button Usage: Tap to add a point. Hold to view it’s description. Hold and pull up to remove all points or hold and pull down to add all points.

Armory Spy

 This app is similar to the Character app in that it lets you track toons of your own and other members.  You can search by player name, guild, team, or item.  This will only show members level 10 and over that are listed in the armory.

The Watch tab lists the toons name, level, race, class, realm. Also on this tab are detailed info on stats, gear, arena stats, skills/professions, and generalization of the spec trees avail but specific info here.

You can also Stalk a player but only one player can be stalked on the app. The info provider for stalking is related to Raid Kills both positive and possible along with a detail of all the players gear.

There is also a Talents tab but this just gives you the name of the talent and does not let you see or point points in the field.

Since the these two apps are so similar it is really a matter of preference if you prefer one over the other.  I just both only because I like to track more than 10 players at a time.

Warcraft Chest 3.1.0 ready 

 This is an app that list by categories of Raid Drops, Dungeon Drops, Tokens, Reputation Rewards, PvP Rewards and Item Sets.

Raid Drops is Ulduar ready and includes drops from bosses in both the normal and heroic modes. All Wrath, Burning Crusade and Classic  Raids are listed and the boss drops for each.

Dungeon Drops is nearly the same format with Wrath and Burning Crusade Dungeons listed as Normal and Heroic and Classic drops listed by boss.

Tokens for Wrath are listed as Emblem of Valor Rewards, Emblem of Heroism Rewards and Heirloom Items. Burning Crusades is listed as Badge of Justice Rewards for Season 1 and 2.

Well you get the gist of it. The same format follows for the other categories on this app.


 This app simply gives you a status of US servers availability.


 Is an app that summarizes the WoW news in an WoWInsider kind of format and includes Blue Post, Top News, Arena News a Daily Poll and other info.

CheatSheet (new)

This app consists of a compilation of Commands used in game and includes everything from basic navigation to the creation of macros.

There are sections included for every class and common macros for each are described there.


~ by catryalini on April 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “iPhone Apps for WoW Players”

  1. lol. So who are you going to stalk. 😉

    Did I tell you that Alberto transfered his Paladin over? lol
    He’s in the guild now.

  2. That should be a comfort to Mere’s wife then.

    And as for stalking, right now I have Marroo on my Stalk watch, but I could change that to you with a click of a button 😉

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