Lots of New Stuff Going On

image1900918964.jpgAs the title says I’ve had lots of new stuff going on lately.  Firstly, my main Hunter, Valynda, made it to level 50 (milestone) and then on to level 55.  So, of course, I immediately made a DK. Actually, I made two, one on Velen which is my Alliance Realm and one on Borean Tundra which is my Horde Realm. 

I’m still playing Val, though not as much as I had been of course. I’m doing a daily on her (or nearly as daily as I can manage) to get her that little venomhide raptor mount from Un Goro Crater.  Just three more feedings and 80g to finish up.

My Horde DK is Lynnia, today she’s level 62 Blood.  She’s got her flying mount, thank god, that’s saved our bacon more times than I can count. I didn’t like Outland the first time we ventured in there, but since I’ve come to really enjoy the surroundings and the sky is spectacular. Lynnia’s survivability makes questing pretty much a breeze.

You know those towers you have to PvP, well that’s where my flying mount really came in handy as there was a nasty Rogue stealthing there waiting till we set down. We launched and escaped but still whew.

I’m still getting to know this toon and what she’s capable of. I’m working with a macro for a rotation that’s working but not sure if it’s the best it can be. I’m scouring everything I can find on line about DK’s trying to learn this new class. I had 55 levels to learn how to be a hunter, but only a few so far to learn this class. Quite a learning curve going from ranged to melee.


~ by catryalini on October 8, 2009.

One Response to “Lots of New Stuff Going On”

  1. Grat’s on your DK. 🙂 Glad you like her. Your DK is probably going to pass mine by soon. lol I abandoned mine at lvl 63 to finish my priest to 80. 🙂 I pretty much only play my priest now and I only raid. lol

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