To WoW the Day Away

image477647902.jpgI hadn’t been able to play in the last 4 days till today and I don’t like that. I see my game time diminishing due to IRL demands and a change in my work schedule. /QQ

My S O is in the process of changing his lifestyle and is much more present as a part of the family. This is great, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that he is not a gamer. His being present means spending more time together (good) and less free time gaming for me (not so good).

My gaming time usually consists of about 3 hours a morning 2 to 3x’s a week and occassionally one long evening of about 5 hours. Family time permitting I may or may not also get one all day session on the weekend.

Now I know that sounds like a lot of time and maybe I just play like a noob, but I still have not been able to get one toon to 80 in almost a year and a half. My sister’s boyfriend Bathazario (sorry if I butcherd your name I’ll edit later) says he’s been playing only since May and is at 77. I’m at 70. FML. He thinks his progression is slow and that most people should be able to level to 80 in 6 months or so. WTF.

I have, for nearly 2 years now, worked from home but that is changing this Monday when I have to go into the office for a minimum of 3 months. Since it is a 30 min commute and of course there will now be showering, make up, hair, lunch packing, breakfast eating and driving to fill my morning (no more working in my jammies and showering during lunch break for more morning WoW time) I will be losing a good chunk of my weekly play time. /sad panda face.

I feel like I’m falling farther and farther behind. I know this is sounding like a big QQ fest but I’m really trying to see the whole picture. Where I’ve been what is changing and what I can do to maximize what time I do have.

I know part of the reason I’ve been slow to progress is I pretty much just solo. I’ve gotten a hand with the odd quest or two but I don’t know the mechanics of grouping and am terrified to look not only look like the noob I am but a damn stupid one at that. My self esteem is too closely connected to my sense of competence to be able to detach long enough to learn.

I’m in a very supportive guild now DOTH = Daughters of the Horde. I’m looking to change my play style and learn new skills that will keep leveling fun and steady.

That’s it for now. Thanks for visiting and. Come again soon.


~ by catryalini on November 22, 2009.

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